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Helping the Blind Achieve Independence

Print Ad for VA Blind and Low Vision Specialists

Media: Print
Client: Department of Veterans Affairs, Healthcare Retention and Recruitment Office
Industry: Health Care
Published: Industry Publications

Comments: One night, to get in the spirit of what I was dealing with for this ad, I shut off all the lights in my house on my way to the basement. There in near total darkness, I closed my eyes and tried to make my way to my bedroom. I figured this would be a snap … I do it almost every night by the soft glow of street lights coming in through the windows. Several new bruises and colorful expletives later, I got to my bedroom without opening my eyes, but the experience did a lot to open them. I gained a lot of respect for the bravery of people who struggle with low vision and blindness. If the tables were turned, I’d face my livingroom with trepidation. They face a dynamic environment every day. And the VA needed people to help the soldiers who served the country and protected our freedoms to experience their own Independence Day.


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