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VA Hiring is Serious Business

 VA Employee Referral Program Concept 2 VA Employee Referral Program Concept 3
VA Employee Referral Program Concept 1Media:
Client: Department of Veterans Affairs
Industry: Healthcare
Published: On Spec

Comment: Simply stated, the art and science of healing is a noble profession. Doubly so when serving those who served. The men and women of the armed forces who have suffered broken bodies, minds and spirits because of their sacrifice are certainly heroes. But no more than the heroes who help them heal, get back on their feet, and get on with life. Therefore this series of posters for an Employee Referral Program is intended to make that distinction.

Radio Spots: AmeriCorps … Get Involved

Media: Radio PSAs
Client: AmeriCorps
Industry: Government/Volunteerism
Published: Distributed via CD to radio stations and online downloads

Comment: Hurricane Katrina. For most of us, that’s all it takes to evoke images of destruction on a massive scale and acute human suffering because we all saw it unfold on TV or the Internet. Well, it’s one thing to see it, it’s quite another to hear firsthand accounts of it. That’s the thinking behind this series of PSAs. It took some doing, but we got someone in to interview on-site AmeriCorps volunteers, distilled their sound bytes into compelling messages, crafted and recorded intro and outro scripts (in two languages), developed and printed packaging, pressed the CDs, and delivered the completed package. And we got it done fast so the PSAs could be used during the Katrina news cycle. Listen to them all right here … 

Doing Good Is its Own Reward

Army National Guard Billboard

Media: Billboard
Client: Army National Guard
Industry: Military
Published: On Spec

Comment:  At first glance this might appear to be a massive editorial and proofing faux pas. Shouldn’t that be “You’ll Do Well?” Actually, no. Not if you consider good as a noun rather than an adjective. And that’s exactly what the Soldiers of the Army National Guard do: good deeds for the community, the nation, and yourself.

Every High Schooler’s Hopes and Dreams

Army National Guard State Champion

Media: Print
Client: Army National Guard
Industry: Military
Published: Available Nationally

Comments: High school. Never has there been a higher concentration of similarly minded individuals compressed into a single place for a set number of days. The smart advertiser uses this to their advantage. Even more so if they tap into the ubiquitous hopes of dreams of their audience … like becoming a State Champion in some sport or academic competition. This ad developed for the Army National Guard lets everyone know who the State Champion really is: the National Guard Soldier.

AmeriCorps*VISTA, In Service to America

AmeriCorps - In Service America Cover

Media: Print and Online .PDF
Client: AmeriCorps*VISTA
Industry: Government/Volunteerism
Published: Book format and Online

Comment: Of all my projects, this one stands out as one of the most satisfying. In honor of their 40th anniversary, AmeriCorps*VISTA wanted to develop a commemorative book filled with the first person accounts of VISTA volunteers from each decade of its existence. I edited the submissions, ghost wrote a few stories (even one for a member of Congress), and researched and wrote the introduction. And though I did all this back in 2005-06, I still feel it’s one of the most compelling pieces I’ve developed. Download the full text here … 


Tell them what they want, what they really, really want …

Army National Guard Command Respect Billboard

Media: Billboard
Client: Army National Guard
Industry: Military
Published: Available Nationally

Comment: Billboards sometimes become a challenge because some clients want to pack as much information as humanly possible into the space allotted. And billboards are pretty big spaces. That wasn’t a problem with this one. All it took was two words to convey to our 18-24 year old target demographic that the Guard was all they needed to get the respect they so clearly deserve.

Use Humor to Promote National Security, Part 2

NSA Employee Referral Program PosterMedia: Print (Poster)
Client: National Security Agency (NSA)
Industry: Government
Published: On Spec

Comments: Sometimes the nature of the program and a poster’s proposed location can provide a creative spark. In this case, NSA was proposing an Employee Referral Program (ERP) that didn’t include any incentives (money, time off, etc.). Couple that with the fact that it was intended for use in cafeterias, and this is what I came up with … who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch?


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