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NSA Comes Out of Hiding

Media: Commercial, broadcast
Client: National Security Agency
Industry: Government
Published: circa 2010

There’s an old joke at the National Security Agency that NSA stands for “No Such Agency.” Yes, super-secret clandestine agencies tend to fly under the radar. Or at least want to. You can imagine how challenging the recruitment environment is in this kind of atmosphere. But when you’re in direct competition with Google, CIA, and FBI for the world’s smartest people, it’s advisable to come out of hiding. Producing your first ever television commercial and airing it in highly targeted markets during the season premier of Lost is a good way to do that.

Radio Spots: AmeriCorps … Get Involved

Media: Radio PSAs
Client: AmeriCorps
Industry: Government/Volunteerism
Published: Distributed via CD to radio stations and online downloads

Comment: Hurricane Katrina. For most of us, that’s all it takes to evoke images of destruction on a massive scale and acute human suffering because we all saw it unfold on TV or the Internet. Well, it’s one thing to see it, it’s quite another to hear firsthand accounts of it. That’s the thinking behind this series of PSAs. It took some doing, but we got someone in to interview on-site AmeriCorps volunteers, distilled their sound bytes into compelling messages, crafted and recorded intro and outro scripts (in two languages), developed and printed packaging, pressed the CDs, and delivered the completed package. And we got it done fast so the PSAs could be used during the Katrina news cycle. Listen to them all right here …