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The Exception to the Rule

Army National Guard Kiosk Poster

Media: Print
Client: Army National Guard
Industry: Military
Published: Available Nationally

Comment: The rule is that posters are supposed to have limited text, kind of like a billboard. That is unless it’s a poster intended for bus kiosks and subway stations. A little extra text gives transit users something to read while they’re waiting for their ride to work or school.

Discrimination is a bad word, right?

NSA Diversity Ad Concept We Discriminate

Media: Print
Client: National Security Agency
Industry: Government
Published: On Spec

Comment: Hiring is a naturally discriminatory process. You’re taking a large pool of candidates and narrowing it, eventually, to that one person who will best fill the necessary role. This ad, intended for placement in a diversity publication, takes the idea of discrimination and turns it on its head to illustrate that point.

Advertising Answers the Questions

Army National Guard B&W Ad

Media: Print Ads
Client: Army National Guard
Industry: Military
Published: Available Nationally

Comment: There are questions in all advertising, be they implied or implicit, my job as a copywriter is to answer them.

Watch Your Language

Army National Guard Online BannerArmy National Guard Online BannerArmy National Guard Online Banner

Media: Banner Ad
Client: Army National Guard
Industry: Military
Published: Online at MaxPreps.com

Comments:  A fly pattern is a route run by a wide receiver in football. The Give and Go is a play run in basketball. The slam dunk, clearly, is the spectacular feat that takes you to the hoop. These banners (which were originally animated, but aren’t supported here) were used during their respective seasons (football, basketball) on a Web site that caters to high school athletes and their supporters (www.MaxPreps.com). Using language that the players would immediately identify with their sport creates a positive association between the Guard and the high school student athletes that are prime candidates to become recruits.

VA Hiring is Serious Business

 VA Employee Referral Program Concept 2 VA Employee Referral Program Concept 3
VA Employee Referral Program Concept 1Media:
Client: Department of Veterans Affairs
Industry: Healthcare
Published: On Spec

Comment: Simply stated, the art and science of healing is a noble profession. Doubly so when serving those who served. The men and women of the armed forces who have suffered broken bodies, minds and spirits because of their sacrifice are certainly heroes. But no more than the heroes who help them heal, get back on their feet, and get on with life. Therefore this series of posters for an Employee Referral Program is intended to make that distinction.

Radio Spots: AmeriCorps … Get Involved

Media: Radio PSAs
Client: AmeriCorps
Industry: Government/Volunteerism
Published: Distributed via CD to radio stations and online downloads

Comment: Hurricane Katrina. For most of us, that’s all it takes to evoke images of destruction on a massive scale and acute human suffering because we all saw it unfold on TV or the Internet. Well, it’s one thing to see it, it’s quite another to hear firsthand accounts of it. That’s the thinking behind this series of PSAs. It took some doing, but we got someone in to interview on-site AmeriCorps volunteers, distilled their sound bytes into compelling messages, crafted and recorded intro and outro scripts (in two languages), developed and printed packaging, pressed the CDs, and delivered the completed package. And we got it done fast so the PSAs could be used during the Katrina news cycle. Listen to them all right here … 

Doing Good Is its Own Reward

Army National Guard Billboard

Media: Billboard
Client: Army National Guard
Industry: Military
Published: On Spec

Comment:  At first glance this might appear to be a massive editorial and proofing faux pas. Shouldn’t that be “You’ll Do Well?” Actually, no. Not if you consider good as a noun rather than an adjective. And that’s exactly what the Soldiers of the Army National Guard do: good deeds for the community, the nation, and yourself.